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Solutions Anchored in Racial Equity

Addressing racial inequities in an organization requires intention and resolve to foster equity and inclusion among employees, stakeholders, clients, and community members from racially minoritized backgrounds. Leaders must be strategic in their approaches to fortify commitment and accountability for racial equity actions and outcomes. Accountability for equity work must be a shared value across the organization.


Choose Dr. Maileen Hamto as your partner in developing a strategy to create meaningful change. I begin the conversation with a consultation to understand organizational dynamics that may hinder or help advance equity. I am eager to work with your team to provide thought leadership and programmatic support to guide your racial equity efforts.

Spring Onions

Environmental Assessment

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews and/or online surveys

  • Survey data collection and analysis

  • Survey instrument development and testing

  • Develop and deploy communications and outreach plans

Business Interview

Engaging Stakeholders

  • Support and lead Employee Resource Groups

  • Develop and support Diversity Advisory Councils

  • Community and stakeholder engagement

Braille Reading

Strategic Planning

  • Data-driven strategies

  • Effective communications

  • Co-create Racial Equity Toolkit

  • Advice on multicultural and multilingual outreach strategies

Workshop Design & Facilitation

I have developed curriculum and lesson plans to facilitate workshops tackling the topics listed below. These topics emerged from my research and praxis that explored factors that help to advance racial equity in organizational settings. Each learning opportunity is customizable to suit the learning needs of your internal team or external stakeholders.

Orange Torquise Gradient

Navigating Organizational Dynamics

  • Overview of Corporate DEI 

  • Understanding Objections to Diversity

  • Best Practices: Diverse Employee Resource Groups

  • Being AAPI: Understanding Asian American Pacific Islander Identity

Fostering Commitment to Racial Justice

  • Critical Race Theory in Workplace Contexts

  • Best Practices in Race-Conscious Hiring and Retention

  • Elements of Racial Identity Formation

  • Diverse at Work: Bringing Your Authentic Cultural Self  

Managing Change

  • Cultivating Racial Equity Allies and Co-Conspirators

  • Leveraging Data-Driven Approaches to DEI Management

  • Best Practices: Communicating Change  

  • Best Practices: Participatory Decision-Making

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