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Open for Collaboration

My research, lived experiences, and observations have confirmed wisdom shared by equity-focused leaders. Organizational accountability to principles of racial equity is critical for maintaining forward momentum toward creating inclusive and equitable workplaces. Leaders must be strategic in their approaches to fortify commitment and accountability for racial equity actions and outcomes. It is imperative to maintain urgency for achieving racial equity by consistently communicating both the overarching strategy and critical milestones of the journey.

I am open to partnerships and collaborations that focus on:

  • Training opportunities that center race consciousness

  • Conducting diversity institutional climate surveys

  • Deploying and analyzing stakeholder interviews and focus groups

  • Designing and implementing an environmental scan for stakeholder sentiments

  • Thought leadership on strategic equity communications

  • Strategizing about diversity, equity, and inclusion action planning

Photo of Lead Equity Principal Maileen Hamto and co-conspirator Carmilla Hamto

holding a postcard that says

"The Future is What We Do Together."

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